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I got into a biking accident.

2007-12-16 06:50:03 by bnwproductions

So, I was biking.... but then the brakes flew out so then I had to tilt so I could stop it with my foot.... but I slipped in sand. I got 2 wounds. one on my elbow, one on my knee. the one on my knee just wouldn't stop bleeding... everytime I wiped it, it just spits out more blood. the one on my elbow was a long line that was a little thick. just like how a line would be in flash if the size was 7. they are now both covered in tissue paper taped..... and it hurts so much... and I think the one on my knee just ripped the tissue paper...


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2007-12-16 11:26:26

Hope it gets better soon. =(


2007-12-21 10:42:24

how sad (sarcasm) lol get alife


2008-01-02 08:32:25

U STOLE SOUTH PARK MATRIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-01-07 21:33:55

too bad they didnt get infected


2008-01-12 11:54:52

It's sad...

They didn't get infected.

If they did, I would've been happy.


2008-09-24 00:24:18

come on guys, this is old as fuck.


2008-09-27 02:42:38

OMG we have sign uped the same day :D


2008-10-10 16:24:52