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Entry #1


2007-09-18 02:46:31 by bnwproductions

Finally!! I have a submission that survived!!!YAY!!!it's here:
A Random Madness(with SBC)
Ok, discuss.....


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2007-09-18 02:49:56

congrats on your first survival through the newgrounds portal gonna check it out now! ^^

bnwproductions responds:

=D thanks =D


2007-09-18 02:56:14

ok i just watched it...

the nicest way i can put it was it was decidedly average, the sound effects were spot on though but there was like.... well to many wierd areas for me, (like the guy appearing in mid air and slicing that guy, or the giant fist that suddenly made the guy catch on fire... sorry to say but it was nothing special :(

YET, as far as first submissions go it was pretty good ^^

looking forward to future submissions from ya!

bnwproductions responds:

Yeah, some other people thought it was average too...... but still, at least you'll be looking forward to other submissions by me =D, that's good...


2007-09-18 04:57:01

Idea has been done to death but you're new and will learn these things in time.

bnwproductions responds:

actually i'm not new i'm a........ nevermind...


2007-09-18 08:26:44

I saw it while it was under judment. I thought it was was okay for a madness tribute, I thought it was a little wierd. Make your next one make sense please.

bnwproductions responds:



2008-01-12 11:55:54

Fine, I'll blam it for you.